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The Recent Film, ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ Causes Outrage in the Middle East …

So I had a brief look at the movie ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ an anti-Islamic, low budgeted film, which mocks our beloved Prophet Mohamamd (pbuh) and members of his Ahlul Bayt. The film trailer depicts our Prophet as a fool, a philanderer, a religious fake and a criminal amongst other disrespectful names. I couldn’t stand to watch the entire thing. Absolutely disgusting! It’s just another desperate, deliberate and malicious attempt to once again demonise Islam and its followers, and each time the attacks seem to be taken to another level, each one topping the other.

The content of the film and the message it aimed to send was indeed downright disrespectful towards our beloved Prophet and members of his Ahlul Bayt, but what it didn’t warrant, was the response of a few hot-headed Muslims who didn’t stop to think twice about their response nor to ask themselves how would the Prophet respond. There is nothing wrong with demonstrating and protesting against this movie, but please, let’s think about an Islamic approach, an approach that would be pleasing to Allah and honour the Prophet and his Ahlul Bayt. Damaging and destroying property and killing innocent people is not the Islamic way! And then in the same breath declare out loud Allahu Akbar! Astagfirullah! Islam is a religion of peace, yet the senseless response is beyond me … that sort of violent response is exactly what the movie makers wanted and boy have some fallen into that trap; and once again, they have contributed to the negative and blasphemous image Islam has been given over the years.

One would think that by now Muslims would realise that Islam is under attack and that the orchestrators of such evil and devious intentions like the film’s Directors /Producers have an agenda of their own and are desperately trying to portray Islam as evil and inhumane. So please, let us all remain calm and protest and condemn this film peacefully and please let us not let this detract us from the current situation in Burma, Bahrain and Muslims in other parts of the world.

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About Zainab John

Zainab (aka Michelle) is Guyanese by birth and born to Muslim converts. She is the owner of the inspiring Muslimah voices blog and the creator of the Muslimah book club (MVBC). Zainab is also a wife, stay at home mum, Blogger, Child Protection Volunteer, Law student and an aspiring Author.


3 thoughts on “The Recent Film, ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ Causes Outrage in the Middle East …

  1. May Allah have mercy on those who do not have mercy on themselves. Ameen.

    Posted by | September 14, 2012, 6:02 pm
  2. Oh, you mean you were upset like Jews and Christians are upset everyday over how Muslims treat them? How does it feel? It does not feel good does it?

    Posted by Pat | September 14, 2012, 10:19 pm

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