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From Personal Blog to Non-Profit Organisation…

From Personal Blog to Non-Profit Organisation…

THE NEW MUSLIMAH VOICES LOGO   TAGLINEInspiring Change, Taking Action.   NEW STATUS Muslimah Voices (MV) is a London-based non-profit organisation geared towards Muslim women from diverse backgrounds, age 18 and above. However, Muslim men and non-Muslim men and women may also participate in the activities of the organisation. MISSION To challenge common negative stereotypes … Continue reading


  • Muslimah Voices is in the transitioning stage - from 'Personal Blog' to 'Organisation' status. So now more than ever your support is needed. If you would like to be a volunteer, please drop us a message using the contact form on the website or email Zainab John at muslimahvoices.bafts@gmail.com (include subject 'MV Volunteer') and we will discuss further how you can get involved. There will be a Skype meeting this Sunday at 2pm to begin discussing plans for the Muslimah Voices YouTube TV channel. You can read more about this initiative here http://muslimahvoicesbafts.wordpress.com/media/muslimah-voices-tv/. And you can also read about the book club initiative here http://muslimahvoicesbookclub.wordpress.com/ (This project is already up and running). jazakhallah khayr Zainab
  • Akifah Creative Multimedia Productions Aakifah provides industry paced animation for Television, Web, CD Rom, Mobile Phones and Games. Our work has appeared on Home Movies (Cartoon Network), Hey Monie (Oxygen), and O'Grady (The N).  Work has also been provided for various children's entertainment companies: Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, and Hasbro (just to name a few);book illustrations, logo designs and websites. Islamic Lifestyle Magazine (ILM Online) ILM Online is a New Magazine, which addresses English-speaking Muslims wide. Learn about other cultures and countries through the eyes of Muslims. ILM focuses on a variety of different topics such as Arts and Sports, Health, Beauty and travel.
  • MindWorks Publishing Inc. is now an AFFILIATE PARTNER of the Muslimah Voices Book Club. MP Inc.is an independent desktop publishing house dedicated to supporting written works and services that are authored with the intention to uplift the consciousness of the human family. "Our goal is to help inspire minds in doing good works and we hope you will feel free to take advantage of the materials and services available. We will begin updating our website and services within the next few weeks and ask that you would please be patient with us as we restructure so that we may be able to provide you with more services and assistance in your publishing endeavors."   Founder, Isahah Janette Grant.
  • Muslimah Writer's Alliance (MWA) is now an AFFILIATE PARTNER of the Muslimah Voices Book Club. MWA, established in 2006, is an internationally-based collaboration of Muslim women writers and advocates working together to counter negative and inaccurate perceptions regarding members of the Muslim community and the Islamic faith. Please visit the club's website for all updates.
  • The Book Club has undergone a recent name change. Previous Name: ILM Book Club New Name: Muslimah Voices Book Club (MVBC)   Please visit the club's website to view all updates. Website: http://muslimahvoicesbookclub.webs.com Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/muslimahvoices.bookclub Twitter: https://twitter.com/MV_BookClub    
  • After much consideration of members' feedback and the aim of the club, club Administrators have made the decision that the club will only read Islamic books/literature and books solely written or co-written by 'Muslim women'. For example, Islamic Fiction, Memoirs and Self-improvement books are amongst the genres that will be selected for the Club's monthly reads. Please visit the ILM Book Club's  website for the details.

"... the single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story [and] the consequence of the single story is this, it robs people of dignity, it makes our recognition of our equal humanity difficult, it emphasises how we are different rather than how we are similar ..." Nigerian Author, Chimamanda Adichie

Important Update! Muslimah Voices to become an Organisation for Muslim Women.

Muslimah Voices is in the transitioning stage - from 'Personal Blog' to 'Organisation' status. So now more than ever your support is needed.

We are currently seeking volunteers for the overall management of the organisation and for our projects/initiatives such as the upcoming Muslimah Voices YouTube TV Channel and the Book Club. The book club has so far only been able to get online participation and membership, but we need a group of between 5-12 Muslim women to physically meet for book discussions.

If you would like to be a volunteer, please drop us a message using the contact form on the website or email Zainab John at muslimahvoices.bafts@gmail.com (include subject 'MV Volunteer') and we will discuss further how you can get involved. If you have skills in graphic designs,journalism, interviewing, writing, public speaking or campaigning, we want to hear from you. It can be a perfect opportunity to start building a portfolio of your volunteer activities. Or maybe you love book and would like to get involved in managing the book club and meeting for book discussions. Whatever your interest, please contact us. Our volunteers are our life line.

jazakhallah khayr


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